by Erin Moroney

Hey, just because you live on your own, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bake for yourself! This easy mini cheesecake recipe is suitable for one (or 2 if you’re feeling generous).

Tiny 4 inch/ 10cm springform pans can be found on Amazon. If you are new to cheesecake baking, springform pans unlock so the sides just pop off– genius.

Our Simply bites can be heated (out of the bag, in a ramekin or other!) in the microwave for a few seconds to make them super soft. Our Fantastically Fudgy Lemon SHORTBREAD is perfect for plying into a cheesecake crust. This makes for a super speedy shortcut for pie crusts.

Lower sugar vegan cheesecake

• 2 packs Nibble Simply Shortbread bites
• 150g vegan cream cheese
• 100g plain dairy-free yogurt
• ½ tsp vanilla extract (or 8 drops Holy Lama vanilla)
• 2 tsp lemon juice
• 1tbs tapioca flour (or corn starch)
• 20g coconut sugar
• Few strawberries sliced

• Preheat oven to 175C (347F)

• Pour Shortbread bites into a ramekin and microwave for about 25secs or until soft to the touch. Push into the bottom of a 10cm spring form pan. You’ll have a few spare bites to nibble on!

• Mix the cream cheese and yogurt together with an electric mixer until smooth. Add vanilla, lemon juice, tapioca flour and mix. Then add coconut sugar and mix for a few seconds. Just a note, since we are using coconut sugar (instead of refined sugar), the end mixture turns a slightly caramelly colour. Don’t panic!

• Add mixture to pan. Gently tap springform pan to help mixture settle.

• Bake on the lower shelf of your oven for approximately 30 mins.

• Let cool to room temperature then chip in the fridge for a couple of hours.

• Add sliced strawberries before serving.

by Erin Moroney
Nibble Founder

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