31 January 2021

Nibble Simply Launch


Luxury biscuits made healthy– at long last! With 55%+ FEWER CARBS, 60%+ LESS SUGAR, AND 160%+ MORE PROTEIN than their cookie counterparts, our new innovative bites are absolutely delicious and totally game-changing.

Made with just a handful of the very finest ingredients, including our own bespoke, responsibly-sourced chocolate, Nibble Simply puts a healthy twist on old favourites like shortbread and chocolate chip cookie dough. And unlike other keto-friendly snacks, our yummy bites are totally free from stomach-upsetting sugar alcohols, refined sugar or other nasties.

And even though our Nibble Simply bites have just launched, they’re getting noticed. Our SHORTBREAD won a “Best Low Sugar Product” commendation in the Nourish Awards and our COOKIE DOUGH has been made the “Best Snacking Innovation” finals in the World Food Innovation Awards.

• Absolutely no nasties

• No sugar alcohols or stevia

• No refined sugars

• Low carb & lower sugar

• Keto-friendly

• All-natural, simple ingredients

• Vegan & gluten free

• Protein-packed, satiating cashew base

• Sweetened with just a touch of low GI coconut sugar

• Made in the UK!

Three yummy flavours:
Doubly Delicious Choc Choc Chip
Fantastically Fudgy Lemon Shortbread
Cheeky Choc Chip Cookie Dough


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